• No Water Used
  • Specific products for various parts
  • No Scratch, rust or water marks
  • Affordable and professionally managed
  • Eco-friendly, doesn't harm your car

Green 'n' Shine offers professional waterless car wash services at your door steps. We are committed to make car wash services as professional services by bringing reliable, efficient and customer friendly services at where you live, where you work and while you shop.

Green 'n' Shine waterless car wash gives your car a new car feel with each wash while saving precious water. In rural India every second child drinks contaminated water, while gallons of water is wasted for washing cars. We use products which require almost no water for washing the car

How It Works?

Green n Shine offers mainly two types of services @ customer door step. Monthly Subscription Services and On-Demand Services.

Subscription Services:

For apartment complexes and corporate offices we provide interior and exterior car wash on monthly subscription basis. Our monthly subscription service offers best way to keep customer cars clean and sparkling clean throughout the year and value for money. There are various plans to choose from and services offered are based on size of car.

On-demand Services:

This is a one time wash services based on customer need. You can choose from various on-demand services to get the shine you are looking for.

Green ‘N’ Shine uses products specially designed for each part of the car to give professional car washing services to the customers. We use microfiber towels, dusters, high quality wax formulated waterless products for body wash, tyre restorers for tyre care and vacuum cleaners for interior cleaning to give a wholesome car cleaning experience.


1. How do you wash a car without water?
Our unique 2-in-1 process uses an exclusive polymer compound (polyslick 3™) which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a lubricating film so that it can be removed without a scratch. all that is left behind is a polish residue which we remove with a soft cloth to reveal a polished and protected surface.

2. Will it scratch my car?
Green 'N' Shine car wash is totally scratch free. The products we use have a 15 year history in Europe and have been thoroughly tested. Our service is regularly used to clean and protect many luxury cars such as Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. the polyslick 3™ polymer in the product encapsulates the dirt and lifts it from the surface of your paint, it is then safely removed with a clean cloth.